Level I 4th Edition - Enrollment Period Closed

FIBA AMERICAS Works to offer the best continuous formation possible to all of those who wish to begin learning or widen their skills as a coach. This course has been launched to provide official qualifications as a basketball coach.

For that reason, FIBA AMERICAS presents the Level 1 Coaching Course to allow coaches to become qualified and recognized in the sporting world.

Find out about all the Academic Information and other Unique Advantages (Spanish) of this course.

If you like working with young people, teaching them how to play, helping them improve and compete and helping them develop as people, do not hesitate! Sign up now for the Level 1 Course from FIBA AMERICAS.

Do you want to see the videos of the winners of the GRANT to SPAIN of the 1st Edition and 2nd Edition?

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Access to demo
online course, adapted to your needs
120 hours of teaching, certified
$180 USD

  • Duration: Form January 23th 2017 Until April 30th, 2017
  • Required hours: 120
  • Total price of the course: $180 USD (one payment)
  • Methods of payment accepted: Paypal, Credit card / Debit card, bank transfer.

This course is designed to provide excellent course contents and also provide easy access for you, regardless of your current level.  

  • It is a modern course which is very easy to use.
  • Everything is in a digital platform that allows you to access and update your course from any method (cell phone, tablet, computer etc).
  • You can do it from anywhere you are!
  • For your confort, all the material is practical and interactive and is accompanied by text, graphics and images to help you. You will also have a library of drills and videos to enhance your experience.
  • There is an internal FORUM to help you resolve any doubts you may have with experienced and specialized tutors.
  • You can choose what language you want to complete the course in (English, Spanish or Portuguese).

Everyone who applies in the LEVEL 1 FIBA AMERICAS COURSE will enjoy, from the moment you sign up, a one year FREE as a GUEST MEMBER of the Association of Spanish Basketball Coaches (AEEB).

Take advantage of this great opportunity that will make you a better coach.


Formation (Fundamental techniques of offense and defense)

Training (Planning and conducting a practice session. The structure of a session, fast break and evaluation).

Tactics (Individual and collective, and playing free)

Team management (A coach in the formation phase, how to control a game)

Rules of the game (Relationship between a coach and a referee. The rules of Mini-basketball)

Strength and Conditioning (Physical education and Injury prevention)

Psychology (Applying aspects of sports psychology to your team)

Sports medicine (Healthy habits for a team)